For printing and cutting of lightweight sign boards

Technical Specifications CF2-0912CF2-1218
Maximum plotting speed 50 cm (19.7") /s
Maximum acceleration 0.5G
Interface RS-232C
Receiver buffer size 1MB
Dimensions (w x d x h) 1760 x 1600 x 1100 mm 2360 x 1900 x 1100 mm
Weight (max.) 140 kg (308 lbs) 180 kg (397 lbs)
Mimaki CF2 Series

  • Range of sizes up to 1.2m x 1.8m and head types for cutting a huge selection of substrates
  • Vacuum bed
  • Optical eye for print & cut registration
  • Broad range of applications
  • Offset start and end points
  • Tangential and reciprocal heads
  • Pressure compensation
  • Use for prototyping and short run production
  • Ideal print and cut solution with UJV-160 UV LED Curing inkjet printer
  • Half-Cut; by adjusting the depth of cutter blade, you diecut composite and laminated material

  • TD & RC Head

    The two available heads for CF2 series (TD and RC) can be equipped with different kinds of blades depending on the media to be cut. Any suitable blade available on the market can be mounted./p>

    Tangential Head

    The tangential cutter steers the blades as it cuts. The motor controlled blade lifts and turns to start every cut at the exact angle. Both die cutting and half-cutting are possible. The tangential cutter enables cutting materials up to 1 cm thickness. Various materials, ranging from soft to rigid, can be cut.

    Reciprocal Cutter

    A reciprocal cutter is a cutting system that is characterised by up-and-down movements of the cutter blade (7000 times per minute) in addition to tangential cutting. The reciprocal cutter is especially suitable to cut corrugated board, cardboard and foam materials up to 2 cm thickness.

    Ideal print & Cut solution with the Mimaki UJV-160

    For printing and cutting of lightweight sign boards and retail POS, the UJV-160 and CF2 Series is an ideal print and cut solution, especially in terms of cost-performance relation, since the CF2 Series is a reliable high quality flatbed cutter that comes at a very competitive price.