Meystyle, the innovative interior decoration firm renowned for their fusion of traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, has furthered their creative capabilities with the recent purchase of a Roland TrueVIS LG-640 printer from Roland’s most successful authorised reseller, printMAX.

Founded by sisters Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk in 2001, Meystyle has carved a niche in bespoke wall coverings that integrate LED lights, Swarovski crystals, and unexpected materials like leather. Their designs, distinguished by vivid colours and intricate details, demand a printing solution that matches their designs and standards.

Maria Yaschuk, co-founder of Meystyle, emphasised the importance of quality and reliability in their printing process. "We love the Roland printers because they are very easy to use, durable, and reliable," Maria explained. "We had our first Roland for 14 years and were really sad to see it go."

Following a successful partnership with printMAX since their first Roland purchase in 2009, Meystyle's decision to invest in the Roland TrueVIS LG-640 was a strategic move to enhance their product offering. The LG series combines UV-LED printing technology with the popular features of the eco-solvent TrueVIS range, offering Meystyle the ability to achieve high-definition output, speciality printing for textures and effects, and broad media compatibility.

Meystyle's return to Roland was driven by a desire for increased ink colour options to achieve vibrant looks for their designs. Maria Yaschuk highlighted, "It is our long-term strategy to keep updating our machines to make sure that we are offering the best possible quality of print to our customers."

Attending a printMAX open day proved instrumental in their decision-making process. Maria noted, "Seeing the printer in action and talking to the experts at printMAX has really helped us to assess which model and ink set will be the most useful for our business. We weren’t intending to go down the UV route but having seen what can be achieved, we ordered before we left that day!"

The Roland TrueVIS LG-640 has already impressed Meystyle with its consistency of colour, ability to pause and restart without print damage, and excellent detailing capabilities. Meystyle is utilising the LG-640 primarily for printing wallpaper, expanding their creative boundaries with every project.

Reflecting on their longstanding partnership, Maria described printMAX as "a fantastic company, friendly, reliable, and supportive over the many years we have worked together."

 Looking ahead, Meystyle plans to continue expanding their business and is already eyeing additional Roland printers to further elevate their offerings.

For more information on Meystyle's unique approach to interior decoration and their use of the Roland TrueVIS LG-640, please visit Meystyle and printMAX.