Genuine tangential cutters that provide unsurpassed cut quality

Technical Specifications S75 T-Series S120 T-Series S140 T-SeriesS160 T-Series
Technology Tangential Knife
Tangential Knife Tangential Knife Tangential Knife
Dimensions 1410mm x 680mm x 1111mm 1870mm x 680mm x 1111mm 2020mm x 680mm x 1111mm
2250mm x 680mm x 1111mm
Media Width
60mm to 840mm
120mm to 1300mm
170mm to 1450mm 170mm to 1680mm
Cutting Area
742mm x 50m 1200mm x 50m
1350mm x 50m
1580mm x 50m
Repeatability Within +/- 0.1mm on plots up to
12m long on rolls up to 760mm wide
As per S75
As per S75 As per S75
Accuracy 0.2% of move or 0.25mm,
whichever is greater
As per S75 As per S75 As per S75
Speed Up to 1410mm/sec Diagonal As per S75 As per S75 As per S75
Acceleration Up to 5.5G  Diagonal As per S75 As per S75 As per S75
Knife Pressure Up to 600 grams As per S75 As per S75 As per S75
Connectivity USB 2.0 & Ethernet As per S75 As per S75 As per S75
SummaCut S Class T Series

When it comes to cut quality, nothing compares to genuine tangential cutting. With advanced computer-controlled blade rotation and up to 600 grams of cutting force, Summa S Class 2 T Series cutters simply cut better and deeper than any other cutter in their class. Graphics weed easier. Thick materials cut like butter. Intricate designs are cut flawlessly. Thanks to its genuine tangential cutting head, Summa S Class 2 T Series has the cutting precision of a flatbed while giving you the ease and
high-speed of a roll-fed cutter.

By combining the world's most advanced cutting technology with legendary Summa tracking, the Summa S Class 2 T Series family of cutters are truly in a league of their own. Yet as advanced as T Series cutters are, they are also remarkably easy-to-use. All Summa S Class 2 cutters are adorned with a touch-sensitive LCD control panel that makes navigating context-sensitive menus a breeze.

Like the Summa S Class 2 D Series, T Series cutters offer the same precision, durability, and features that are the hallmark of every Summa S Class 2 cutter. When paired with a computer-controlled blade rotation, Summa S Class 2 T Series sets the standard by which all other cutters are measured.

7 Times Faster Processor

An entirely new main processor that is

7 times faster than before!

The new processor shortens the amount of time needed for processing which means you have more opportunity to output more jobs throughout the day.

This also has the added benefit of increases the speed of USB communications which adds to the overall speed of the jobs you can process.

Colour Touch-Control Panel - Easy on the eyes - The new colour touchscreen is more user-friendly and easy to use.
The bold colours and updated design along with a new, reorganized menu structure allow for easier navigation of contextual menus.

USB & Ethernet Connectivity - USB Memory stick interface
Store your cut files on a USB memory stick and have instant access to them via the new interface.
Frequently processed projects can now be output even more quickly.

Ethernet Connectivity - Faster communication than previously.
Multiple computers can now control one unit across a network.
Can also be used with a crossover cable for direct Ethernet connection.


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