The SummaCut Series is the product of decades of product development and skilled engineering

Technical Specifications D60 Cutter D60FX Cutter D120 CutterD140 Cutter D160 Cutter
Technology Drag Knife
Drag Knife Drag Knife Drag Knife Drag Knife
1000 x 350 x 300mm
1000 x 350 x 300mm 1600 x 680 x 1120mm 1750 x 680 x 1150mm
1980 x 680 x 1150mm
Media Width
70 x 660mm 70 x 660mm 120 to 1270mm 180 to 1420mm 170 to 1640mm
Cutting Area 600mm x 50m 600mm x 50m 1200mm x 50m 1350mm x 50m 1575mm x 50m
Repeatability +/- 0.1mm on plots to 8m
long or rolls up to 760mm wide
As per D60
As per D60 As per D60 As per D60
Accuracy 0.2% of move or 0.25mm,
whichever greater
As per D60 As per D60 As per D60 As per D60
Speed Up to 1113mm/sec Diagonal As per D60 As per D60 As per D60 As per D60
Up to 3G  Diagona As per D60 As per D60 As per D60 As per D60
Knife Pressure Drag: Up to 400 grams As per D60 As per D60 As per D60 As per D60
Connectivity USB 2.0 & RS232 (serial As per D60 As per D60 As per D60 As per D60
SummaCut R Series

For a leading performance cutter at exceptional price, SummaCut is the perfect solution. The new series is the result of decades of product evolution to bring you the most skilled cutter on the market.

Many advancements have been made over time, including the OPOS-X technology, which has been taking from the Summa S-Class plotters and intergrated into a drag-knife cutting head. The SummaCut series are now capable of reading registration marks, ideal for contour cutting on a wide range of substrates inluding speciality products such as reflective, holographic, mirrored and laminated vinyls.

The newly developed SummaCut Series incorporate highly complex algorithms which are designed to compensate for deformed print using highly reliable sensors. This solution makes SummaCut an unbeatable contour cutter for any print environment.

Key features

• Drag knife technology

• Cuts up to 1131 mm per second

• Up to 8 m guaranteed tracking

• Optimized FlexCut functionality

• Oversized cutting possibility

• Deluxe stand included on the D120, D140 & D160. Stand optional on D60 model

• OPOSTM X contour-cutting alignment

Easy-to-use control panel
allows you to quickly change settings like speed, pressure, plot mode and perform test cuts.

High-speed cutting head
features precision accuracy for exceptionally reliable and effortless vinyl cutting.

OPOS-X contour cutting
alignment enables you to die-cut valuable printed vinyl graphics with complete confidence and reliability.


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